Unifying Community and Heroes: A Recap of the Successful 'Red & Blue Cook For You' Event by the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation

Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation’s annual “Red & Blue Cook For You” event, hosted at Benihana, has once again proven to be a tremendous success, unifying the community and public safety officials for a delightful evening and coming together for a common cause.

The employees of the Alpharetta Public Safety Department turned up in full force, trading their uniforms for chef hats to prepare a delectable feast for the many ticket holders in attendance. Their dedication to both their official duties and participating in this special night was truly heartwarming.

Janet Rodgers, Chairman of the Board of the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation, shared her thoughts on the event’s continued success: “The Red and Blue Cook for You fundraiser has continued to be a success. This was our 17th year organizing this event, and the feedback from the volunteers and attendees is that it’s their favorite event of the year. This is music to my ears. Throughout the evening, we actually see and feel that sentiment of love and care in our hearts from the sold-out crowds, and the generous donations that help the growth of the Foundation. The Red and Blue event gives everyone attending an opportunity to come together as a community, meet new people, and share a meal where the primary focus is on raising funds to support the needs of the employees of the Alpharetta Public Safety Department.

Red and Blue includes an auction that is filled with unique items and experiences, contributing to the overall excitement of the evening and raising additional funds that will be used to assist the men and women of public safety in their times of need. The sense of unity and shared purpose was palpable, making it an event to remember.

The Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation extends its heartfelt gratitude to all volunteers, supporters, and sponsors who played a pivotal role in making this event such a resounding success. The generosity and commitment of the Alpharetta community are truly commendable.

We eagerly anticipate yet another successful event in 2024 and look forward to the continued growth of the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation, thanks to the unwavering support of this incredible community.


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