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Mission & Purpose

Our Causes Platform has evolved, allowing you to make a direct impact where it matters most to you. Choose a specific cause like providing life-saving equipment, supporting new K9s, funding training programs, or promoting mental health awareness. Your contributions can now be tailored to the cause closest to your heart, giving you the power to make a meaningful difference. Join us in amplifying your impact and championing the causes that resonate with your values through our enhanced Causes Platform.


Choose to Donate to a Specific Cause

Alpharetta Benevolent Fund: Fostering Community Support and Aid

Donate to the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation’s Benevolent Fund and join our community’s commitment to support those who protect us, making a difference today.

Support a Safer Alpharetta: Donate for a New K9 Officer

Join us in strengthening the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety with your generous contribution to our campaign, directly aiding in securing a new K9 officer for enhanced community safety.

Alpharetta Public Safety Community Outreach Program

Our Community Outreach Program is central to our mission. It fosters a stronger connection between our public safety personnel and the residents, promoting a sense of community and mutual support.

LESS Crime Act Tax Credit

In 2023, new legislation (O.C.G.A. § 48-7-29.25) was enacted to allow Georgia taxpayers to claim tax credit for supporting local public safety efforts by contributing to qualified law enforcement foundations. All funds will. . .
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