Celebrating Success: Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation's K9 5K Event

In the heart of Alpharetta, Georgia, a remarkable event recently took place that not only showcased the community’s enthusiasm for fitness but also their unwavering support for public safety heroes and furry friends alike. The Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation’s K9 5K event was an astounding success, bringing together individuals from all walks of life for a day of camaraderie, competition, and charity.

Congratulations to the top ten winners of the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation’s K9 5K event!


  • Justin Sevel – Time: 17:27.5
  • Brandon Sevel – Time: 18:20.8
  • Helen Miller – Time: 19:58.0
  • Jacob Vigliotta – Time: 20:37.4
  • Jayin Batra – Time: 20:39.4
  • Daniel Cardelino – Time: 21:08.0
  • Landon Duval – Time: 21:27.0
  • Bryan Shulkin – Time: 21:42.7
  • Janet Barnard – Time: 21:43.0
  • Colby Schueller – Time: 21:48.7


These extraordinary individuals demonstrated exceptional speed, determination, and love for both our public safety heroes and our furry friends. Their commitment to the cause and their impressive athletic prowess left a lasting impression on everyone present at the event.

The Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation’s K9 5K event is more than just a race; it’s a testament to the strong bond between the community and its dedicated public safety personnel, including police officers, firefighters, and K9 units. The funds raised during this event play a crucial role in supporting these heroes and their vital work.

A resounding applause is dedicated to every individual who attended and supported the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation’s cause. Your unwavering support for our public safety heroes is truly commendable. By participating in this event, you have shown that you stand beside those who keep our community safe, and for that, we applaud each and every one of you.

If you’re curious to see the full list of results from the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation’s K9 5K event, you can check them out here. This comprehensive list showcases the remarkable efforts of all participants and highlights the sense of unity and community that defines Alpharetta.

In conclusion, the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation’s K9 5K event was an unequivocal success, thanks to the dedication of both the participants and the community. It’s heartwarming to witness how a simple race can bring people together to support those who protect and serve us. This event serves as a shining example of the power of community spirit and the impact that can be made when individuals join forces for a common cause.


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