Alpharetta Benevolent Fund: Fostering Community Support and Aid

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Funding Goal: 500,000.00

$5,210 of $500,000 raised

In times of adversity, we often witness the incredible strength and resilience of our public safety personnel. They dedicate their lives to keeping us safe, often putting themselves in harm’s way to protect our community. We are grateful for their unwavering commitment, but we must also recognize the challenges they face, particularly during personal crises.

As an example, consider the story of Officer Clinton Martin, a dedicated member of the Alpharetta Police Department who, like many others, faced an unexpected crisis. Officer Martin’s journey is a testament to the unwavering spirit and the importance of community support. He, his wife, Maria, and their two children contracted the coronavirus, and their lives took an unexpected turn.

While Maria and their children eventually recovered, Officer Martin’s battle with the virus took a toll on his health. He faced hospitalization, a long road to recovery, and, ultimately, his passing on July 3. The challenges and hardships that he and his family experienced serve as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of life.

In the wake of Officer Martin’s story, the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation’s Benevolent Fund was established. This fund provides essential financial assistance and support to public safety personnel during their most challenging moments. It is a lifeline for those who selflessly protect our community and may find themselves in unforeseen circumstances.

The Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation offers several ways to contribute to the Benevolent Fund:


One-time donation:

Make a significant impact with a single contribution to support public safety personnel when they need it most.

Monthly donation:

Commit to a recurring monthly contribution, ensuring ongoing support for our heroes.

Yearly donation:

Opt for an annual donation, demonstrating your sustained commitment to the welfare of those who protect Alpharetta.

Every donation, regardless of the amount or frequency, is a meaningful gesture of support. By contributing to the Benevolent Fund, you’re not only assisting the Officer Martin family but also aiding others who may face similar unforeseen challenges.

Officer Martin’s story serves as a reminder of why we need to come together as a community to support those who serve us. Your donation can provide peace of mind, strengthen our sense of community, and contribute to a safer, more vibrant Alpharetta.

To make a contribution or learn more about how you can help, please visit the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation website. Your support ensures that those who protect our community have the safety net they deserve.

In the spirit of unity and compassion, thank you for your generosity and for standing with us in supporting the heroes who safeguard our community.

Thank you for visiting our Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation website. Your support makes a difference. Please consider donating.




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